Multiboard is a new generation of lightweight construction systems designed to meet the multifaceted demands of today’s new age buildings. Now more than ever, the need for high performance, efficient, cost effective, sustainable and safe building materials is the minimum requirement. 

Even though the use of Magnesium oxide, a core component of Multiboard line up, is not well known in Australia, it has been used as a construction material dating almost as far back to the Egyptian Pyramids. Magnesium based cement was also known to be used during the Roman Empire and has stood the test of time as mortar in The Great Wall of China.

In recent decades magnesium based lining boards have been used successfully and extensively in many prestigious buildings including the Taipei 101, Beijing CCTV towers and was the official construction material of the Beijing Olympics. Products such as Multiboard are now becoming the popular choice throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

As you will see within the information provided Multiboard is the most versatile lightweight internal and external construction system available for today’s and tomorrow’s generation of buildings.

Multiboard Products